S-TYPE 3.0 V6

1999 Jaguar XJS

The cabin heater is not controlling. When ignition is turned on it all works perfectly, howver when I start the engine there is a temperature differential between the passenger side and the driver side. Both get hotter as the car engine warms up and the engine accelerates. The heater control valve has been replaced twice, the second time by a Jaguar dealership. I've checked the air intake flaps and they are all working ok. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
June 20, 2006.

There has to be some kind of temp sensors to tell the climate control how hot/cold its getting

Sep 12, 2006.
There are three sensors in the heater box that if one is not right your heat will be different. Unfournatly. Only the dealer can figure which one using datalogger. Or you can replace all three

Sep 20, 2006.