1990 Jaguar XJS

Engine Performance problem
1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 89,000 miles

The jag was running perfectly down the hwy and all of a sudden lost power to where it will only rev in neutral to 3000 rpms and 1500 in gear with no power. The both sets of cat have been knocked out, engine tuned up and with fresh gas but still no change. The fuel pump does tick even when the car is turned off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
May 1, 2008.

Start by checking fuel pressure. If it is ok, use a timing light to see if the ignition is advancing like it is supposed to.

May 3, 2008.
Check your distributor cap and rotor for damage. This is a year the marelli ignition was installed and the rotor is notoruous for short circuits. Usually the passenger bank/bank A would not have any spark. Remove the rotor and check underneath it for what looks like a torch has been taken to it, If it does then a new rotor is needed. Good luck

Jul 14, 2008.