1990 Jaguar XJS

Smells problem
1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 111000 miles

When I use the car and stop ie light, stop sign etc, I notice a strong gas smell. I can also hear gurgling in my gas tank when I shut the engine off. I know it could be a venting issue but where and how do I check?
December 30, 2008.

The fuel evaporation system is designed to keep fuel and crankcase vapor from escaping into the atmosphere. The fuel tank venting is designed to ensure vapors are vented through the system even when the vehicle is parked on an inclined surface.
When the fuel tank vapor pressure exceeds a preset limit, the pressure relief valve opens and vapor flows into canister for storage. The purge control valve limits maximum purge airflow rate.

Dave H
Jan 10, 2010.