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1996 isuzu Trooper 3.2, 159,000 miles. The problem is while driving the veicle, the volt meter spikes at 16, when it does this, the brake light and 4 wheel drive indicator light comes on on the dash, also when it does this, the heater/a/c quits working and the vehicles transmission doesnt want to shift gears. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem maybe?
January 3, 2007.

The alternator may be over charging the system. Run a test with a external volt meter and see if you still get 16 volts. The output of the alternator should be around 15 volts not 16.

Jan 3, 2007.
Re 96 isuzu trooper, I have already tried the external meter, it has a normal reading. When my trooper starts doing all of these things, it starts making a clicking noise in dash on the left side of the steering wheel. Could this be a relay/breaker/or fuse going bad under the hood?

Jan 4, 2007.
Had same problem. The voltage regulator is built in the alternator. So you need to replace it. Call your local dealer and give them your vin number and they will give you the part number. Then go on ebay and buy a replacement. Thats what I did and payed a local mechanic to install it it was cheaper then autozone. Only 150 total

Jan 5, 2007.