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I just got chewed out by my boss about worn out rotors/whatever because one time, for 1 mile at most, I forgot to release the parking brake before driving. It smelled, smoked a little, and realized what it was and released the brake.
This was 6-7 weeks ago and now all of a sudden it was the cause of bad brakes? I know little about this but I seriously doubt that did much. Especially considering I had mentioned many times I didn't like the way the truck felt when braking normally - it kind of felt llike a shuddering or rapid grab/release of the pads/rotors.
Basically my question is this - would even an entire mile at 25-30 mph with the brake on cause enough damage to say without a doubt I was the cause of the brakes needing repair? AND, is there any way to differentiate between regular braking of a heavy truck on San Fran hills and this one incident with the parking brake? Do they both affect the same part of the brake (rotor, etc)?

Please feel free to email me direct, or post here -
I really want to know for sure what I feel pretty confident about - no way did I cause the truck to need fixing from a few minutes 2 months ago.

Thanks very much for any info at all
Kevin, kovu65@comcast. Net
October 28, 2007.

ITs all specualtuion. On both of your parts.

Depending on how far the brake was engaged is part of the equation. A mile at that speed may very well distemper the rotor and causing heat fractures in the pads. However, it may have been the last straw for the brakes, if they were borderline in performance as you stated. I don't see an excessive wear being caused with that.

Hills are brutal on brakes, if they are not serviced properly can dramatically add to problems.

Thanks for the reply, and I did kind of figure there's no way to tell what action caused what wear/tear.
One other small detail I forgot was that I do know I only lightly pulled the handle with a finger or 2 because of where we were. Gas station mini mart for 2 minutes.
Our truck is about 16/18 feet Isuzu basic box truck. Not very powerful, so this is why I'm adamant about not being 'the one and only' cause. If it were engaged like it is on SF hills we never would have gotten to 25 mph - some mornings I forget to release it when first putting it
in drive and it doesn't move at all.

Anyway, thanks for any and all replies, even if they are not in my favor. I'm out for the info, either way.
Happy & safe driving

Oct 29, 2007.
I'm surprized a truck of that size has REAR disc brakes.

I made the assumption on that. IF this is the front we are talking about, your free and clear of any wrong doing. Ussually the trucks this big have rear drums not discs. The parking brake has nothing to do with the fronts.

When he was pointing out the (?Disc, rotor, whatever - I dont even know for sure) he pointed directly under the passenger cab.
I am about to do a little more searching on our particular truck, since its right in front of my building right now while I wait for a customer. If youre curious now too, I'll let you know what I find.
Thanks again!

Oct 29, 2007.
It's starting to sound like you were wrongly accused : shock:

OKAY - here's what I found out: Isuzu truck NQR series
Service Brakes
-System - Vacuum/Hydraulic Boosted w/4-Channel ABS Hydraulic
-Front - Disc
-Rear - Drum

Even more than you could stand to look at actually. But it does have what I needed for this topic, and thats all that matters.

So let me know if you agree that the rear drum is what the emerg/park brake would be or at least that the regular brakes and the E/P brake are not the same part that needs repair.

This has been fun, informative and helpful and I can't thank you enough for your input, Mr Service Writer, whoever you are.

Maybe we can talk a little electrical question of mine next, regarding in-dash stereo trouble. What do you say?

Oct 29, 2007.

Of course it's fun, as much as I appreciate the donations, I got into this to help the industry and the public.

Your off the hook brother! Parking brakes do not go to the front. On the other hand I did find this: "The parking brake is a mechanical, cable-actuated, internal expanding drum type, transmission-mounted."

I don't get invloced with the heavy trucks, so I might be blowing smoke. I will get hold of boot dog however who is up to speed on these things. If he was takin pads and rotors, your clear.

Electrical, huh? I'm just slightly more competent with Isuzu parking brake set-ups, but what the hell!

I have a couple general inquiries - things I either heard of, or picked up somewhere but don't really know for sure: (another boss related ques) If the transmission is going to be checked claiming it's about to go, but currently still being driven, and assume it's empty truck just getting to or from a job here in San Francisco. - Why should we avoid hills as much as possible? What part of the trans is that, as opposed to the shifting?
See, I'm so ignorant of this I never thought the trans did more than handle shifting related things only.
The other is regarding fuses and denied attempts to replace broken car stereo. One day it just went off and smoked a little. Now I'm told to wait until he gets fuses and/or wiring looked at. It was obviously the radio that went bad + every other device is working fine. -Why would there be a need to check all that based on a burnt radio?

This is pretty cool, this site. I remember the good old days when you had to get off your ass, actually go somewhere and talk to a real live mechanic for this info. Don't tell anyone but this method works better for me anyhow.

Thanks again for all your help/knowledge

Oct 30, 2007.
The transmission's clutches and gears are under more load or stress going up hill. Besides it's his truck and that's what he wants.
: wink: I think the radio may be another business decision. My guess is his works. You can check the radio fuse to see if it blew.

- I'll just take your word for the tranny thing - I think I'll continue on without this info in my head.
- Not a single fuse is not working properly that I can find, and the radio one never blew to start with. It was just an older cheap cd player/radio and I have one here ready to go in, but cannot. Whatever, stubborn is right.

FINAL RESULT - I was right from the start, as were you saying I was in the clear. Too long to repeat anyway, but it says in specific terms the braking systems are different and separate and no way could the park brake have done the damage.

Whew - now I can go back to fantasy football or Pogo games again - thanks once more!

Oct 30, 2007.