1993 Infiniti G20

Electrical problem
1993 Infiniti G20 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 113000 miles

I just bought a used G20 that is in relatively good shape. When I try to start the car sometimes I won't get anything but a click. No dash lights, wipers, clock or anything works. Then sometimes it will start right up but I still won't get any dash lights or wipers or anything until I rev the engine then everything is lights up and is fine until I have to start the engine again. The clock resets to 1 o'clock so I assume that as soon as I cut off the car no power is getting to the dash at all. Also, when it is running if I try to turn on the heat or air the dash goes dead and the engine idle drops and will cut off unless I keep the throttle depressed a little. I'm not sure where to even start with this one. I have had suggestions from the battery to the alternator to relay issues. The only thing I have checked is the battery. Please help!

Thanks in advance,

March 17, 2008.

Have the alt output tested. Check all connections at the main power center under the hood, be sure they are clean and tight, look for any signs of water damage or moisture in the power center. Sounds like a bad connection theat cant handle any draw through it. If basics show nothing, you might want to find a shop that is good with electrical

Mar 19, 2008.
After going throught he wiring with a fine tooth comb and chcking the continuity of just about everything it ended up being a combination of an ALMOST blown 75 amp battery fusible link and a bad alternator. Both were replaced with new units and everything is fine now.


Apr 1, 2008.