Blend Door Motor Actuator Replacement

Easy step by step guide on how to replace an automotive blend door actuator, though appearances and locations may vary, the process is the same on most vehicles. Find your actuator location

Difficulty Level - 4

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • Blend door actuator
  • Basic tool set
  • Protective eyewear
  • Gloves
Begin with your vehicle on level ground, engine off and in park, set the emergency brake and wear protective eyewear and gloves.

Step 1 - Some vehicles have an under dash plastic cover which must be removed to access the blend door actuator, remove all mounting screws. (Note: Some screw locations can be obscure.)

Remove Cover Screw

Step 2 - Remove the under dash cover to expose the climate control plenum.

Removing Under Dash Cover

Step 3 - Once the cover has been removed, one or more of blend door actuators will be exposed. (Note: On some vehicles the glove box must be removed to access the actuator, some actuators will be located above the accelerator pedal etc.)

Blend Door Actuator

Step 4 - Begin by using a small screwdriver to release the wiring safety clip.

Release Wiring Safety Clip

Step 5 - Gently pull down on the wiring connector and remove it from the actuator.

Remove Wiring Connector

Step 6 - Locate and remove actuator mounting screws, a small universal might be needed to remove some screws.

Remove Actuator Screws

Step 7 - Once all mounting screws have been removed, grasp the actuator and remove it, after the removal, grasp the door pivot and move it, it should move freely.

Actuator Removed

Step 8 - Match the old actuator to the new unit, they should match identically.

New Blend Door Actuator

Step 9 - Install new actuator with mounting bolts.

Install New Blend Door Actuator

Step 10 - Firmly push the wiring harness connector back into the actuator.

Connecting Wiring Harness

Step 11 - Fit the under dash cover into place.

Reinstall Under Dash Cover

Step 12 - Reinstall under dash cover mounting screws.

Under Dash Mounting Screw

Helpful Information

A failed blend door actuator will commonly make a clicking or ticking noise for a short time and then stop.

A blend door actuator is used to move air doors inside of the climate control plenum which houses the heater and air conditioner evaporator cores.


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