2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 113000 miles

My blower no longer works on my santa fee. My ac will not come on but heat seems to work, it dosent blow out but it does come out just a little(bearly). What could be the source of the problem.A bad blower or something else. The following had been corrected on my santa fee

new timing belt
new battery and alternator
balance shaft fixed
June 13, 2008.

Take a look at the blower motor switch, they are very common, it will likely show burnt areas on it.

I took out the blowe rmotor on my hyunday 03 santa fe but I tested the blower and it works. Somone says I should check for a bad resistor. Where would this be located?

Aug 14, 2008.
Systems that use a resistor will keep the "high" setting for the motor separate, bypassing the resistor because high means no resistance.
I don't believe your system has one, but maybe the someone you talked to could tell you.

Here is the chart to troubleshoot.

These are the wiper switch continuity tables and the connector view so you can test for contunuity.

This is the wiring diagram for the entire wiper circuit.


I acatually fixed the problem. I removed my blower (which was a pain in the neck to remove) turned out there was some tree sticks stuck in there making it unable to work but once I removed those it worked fine.
Thank you for your help!

Aug 16, 2008.
LOl. Gotta outside the box sometimes! Congrats.