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1996 Accent approx 65,000 miles Automatic trans

Alternator does not seem to be recharging the battery. Battery was replaced with a new battery. Car will run 1/1/2 -2 hours on short trips around town. Running time depends on lights being on. Car will not start or will stall out at that point. Tell tale dead battery clicking noise heard when you try to start. Recharge battery fully and car will run again until what I believe is the battery draining. Removed alternator and had bench tested, 3 tests in a row were run and each showed alternator as good. Test was done at a local NAPA store. My gut tells me its the alternator but test is making me think about other possible causes.

Appreciate your insight and assistance.
November 13, 2007.

Good day, I was wondering if you had found a solution to your problem with your 96 accent suspected battery \ alternator problem.
If you could reply to my e-mail firefighter11 at gmail. Com that would be great.


Mar 18, 2008.
You guys found any solution yet?
Looks like a connection problem. Follow the cable connected to the alternator. Maybe one of the wire has been cut somewhere.
It might also be a short-circuit causing the battery to drain.

Good luck.

Oct 26, 2008.