1999 Hyundai Accent

Brakes problem
1999 Hyundai Accent Two Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

The image is of a quote I got from my dealership about some repairs to the brakes and fueling issues. The brakes need to be repaired but is $757 reasonable?

If you can't read it the quote says:
Front Rotors & Front Pads plus Inner & Outer Wheel Bearings plus Seals plus Cleaning - $757

After looking around online it would seem the parts could cost anywhere from $300 to $500 to fix this. Can get a better deal?

Also, it's I need new:
Front Sway Bar End Links - $108

This part seems really over-priced from what I can tell and I think I might be able to fix it myself.

Any help you can give me would be awesome!
December 3, 2009.

Hello and thanks for the donation!

Below is the estimate I get for these repairs. My estimate DOES NOT include the fuel fill vent valve as my program does not list this component. The estimate comes to $980 labor & parts, EXLUDING the fuel fill vent valve as I said. Your estimate really looks pretty reasonable if this is from a dealer. If it is just a local repair shop than I would suggest getting other quotes first.

Thanks for the quick answer. I'd just to clarify the point about it not being expensive " for a dealer.&Quot; Would it make sense to take it to a local repair shop instead if I have that option? How much more expensive are dealers than regular repair shops and is there some advantage that I get from going to the same dealer I bought the car from after all warranties are up?


Dec 3, 2009.
The average dealer labor rate is $70 an hour (what my estimate is based on). The average small reputable repair shop labor rate is around $50 an hour. When you add that $20 difference up for the labor hours, it will save you quiet a bit. The only real difference between a dealer and the repair shop is the simple fact that people tend to " trust" a dealer more with the repairs. Unfortunately, even dealer techs make mistakes on repairs sometimes. With these repairs that you are needing, however, they are fairly easy yet timely repairs. Any reputable repair shops and dealers alike can make this repair with ease. If not they should find a new job. That is what leads me to advise in getting a repair shop quote, ensure they are ASE certified and do a little background check to see if they have a good or bad reputation in town. It will save you big in the end. Hope this clarifies things a little more.

I'll definitely look into it.

Dec 3, 2009.
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