1990 Honda Prelude

Noises problem
1990 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

I currently have a 1990 Honda Prelude and when I bot it about 3 weeks ago and I believe the belt was slipping and making a loud squealing noise. I took it to a Honda dealership and they were unable to figure out the problem and I am quite sure the belt is to lose but I do not know which pully it is to tighten both the belts. The Honda dealership was also not able to give me the information I was looking for and was hoping you would be able to help me out.
February 12, 2010.

Hi teddy344,

The engine is equipped with 2 belts, the power steering and alternator/AC compressor belt. Each has their own adjustinig points.

Depending on which is loose and requires adjustment or replacement. A faulty crank shaft pully ( bad harmonic balancer ) would also cause the belting noise.

Here are diagrams of the belt adjustment points.

Feb 16, 2010.