2010 Honda Pilot

Steering problem
2010 Honda Pilot 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 200 miles

just got a brand new 2010 awd pilot. There is clearly a pulling to the right issue going on. I took it to the dealership. They checked the alignment and swapped out front tires but nothing changed. I demanded the tech ride with me. He saw the pull and just said some of it was due to road crown and some due to the new tires needed to break in. There's alot of posts about this issue. I don't recall driving another vehicle reacting this way. You need to always keep a slight pull on the wheel to the left. It's not that it's overwhelming but I don't understand how this could be satisfactory to any driver or even honda. Very confused on how to address this. Please help.
March 17, 2010.

Honda has a service bulletin 10-029
-2010 Pilots 2WD from VIN From VIN 5FNYF3. AB000001 thru 5FNYF3. AB015647
-2010 Pilots 4WD from VIN From VIN 5FNYF4. AB000001 thru 5FNYF4. AB023050
" While driving on a straight road, the vehicle pulls or
drifts to the right.
" While accelerating on a straight road, the vehicle
pulls to the right.
Various forces in front end geometry combine to create
a drift/pull or torque steer to the right.
Honda will replace both front damper springs or left rear damper spring to correct the problem.