2000 Honda Passport

Electrical problem
2000 Honda Passport 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

I replaced the #1 to #5 spark plugs in my Honda Passport following the instructions in a repair maual. I could not remove the ignition coil and boot on the #6 spark plug. The boot appears to be stuck. Really stuck. The other coil/boots slipped out easily. I tried to force the boot out and the coil popped off the boot. So I tried to pry the boot off and slightly tore it. It would not come off. So I replaced the coil and due to the torn boot, I have a random misfire. The #6 coil/boot are hard to get at and I notice it is recessed more than the others. How can I remove the boot and replace the spark plug.
May 1, 2010.

If you can't reach down with needle nose pliers, try using a deep well socket (not a regular plug socket). Spark plug sockets have a rubber section in them to hold the plug in the socket. Therefore, a plug boot will prevent you from placing the socket over the plug. A regular deep well socket doesn't have that and you should be able to slide it over the boot to get on to the nut portion of the plug.

Let me know if that helps.

That would not work. The boot is about a four inch long, one inch diameter tube with a coiled spring running thru it. It mounts the spark plug being inserted down a cylindical shaft in the head, spark plug at the bottom, and the coil pack mounts on top of the boot. The coil pack snaps off the boot, but the boot is stuck in the shaft. They should come out in one piece. The boot encompasses the diameter of the shaft in the head. All the other coil packs/boots slipped out easily. This one does not. The boot must be removed to access the spark plug with a socket and extension. I am considering using something flat and prying a space between the boot and the shaft sidewall and spraying lubricant between the boot and the shaft in a few spots hoping it will loosen the boot to remove it. Then using towels to soak up the lubricant in the shaft and blowing out any residue before removing the spark plug. The Haynes repair manual has no provision for a stuck boot. They should slip out easily. Any other ideas are welcome. Sorry for being so winded.

May 2, 2010.
Okay, I was thinking less of the boot was stuck. I didn't realize it was the entire thing. I realize you have limited access; however, I think your plan of attack is the best way to go. Give it a try and let me know if it works. I'll keep thinking of other possible ways.

I had the same experience recently and ended up just yanking it out using a shop rag and a pair of slip joint pliers I actually had 2 that were stuck on my 2000 passport 3.2L v6 rwd : . Using the pliers with a shop rag wrapped over the teeth I firmly pulled in an upward motion and twisted slightly in a clockwise motion and they popped right out. I dont notice any wear to the boots so I think I'll re-use the old boots because they still have plenty of flex' and show minimal wear which is killer noting the car is 12 years old and has 150K on in it stock.

Dec 8, 2012.
The plug spring if twisted clockwise will expand and come off the plug easy. So move the a.C. Pipe away from the firewall for room for needlenose plyers, so grab the boot and spring turn one quarter turn clockwise, comes free every time. Hope this helps Steve

Sep 26, 2014.