1996 Honda Passport

Engine Performance problem
1996 Honda Passport 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Does a 4cylinder fuel pump have enough out put to run a 6cylinder engine?
February 21, 2010.

Volume isn't the issue. The important factor is pressure. With insufficient pressure, not enough fuel will spray from the injectors. To maintain the required pressure, the pump must be able to supply a lot more fuel volume than the engine will ever need. The greatest percentage of fuel pumped goes right back into the tank through a pressure regulator.

I'll have to defer to someone more familiar with Honda fuel systems. If the regulator is part of the fuel rail on the engine, the pressure and volume will be sufficient as long as the pump is capable of the necessary pressure. If, however, the regulator is built into the pump assembly, you will need to determine if the pressure between the two engines is the same. These are called " returnless" systems.

Another way to approach this is to compare the part numbers for the two pumps. If the same part number is listed for them, they should work in either application.


Feb 21, 2010.