1999 Honda Passport

Smells problem
1999 Honda Passport 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

My honda has always had problems eversince I got it. My brother in law owned it before I did and he had to replace the engine and the transmission. Since i've had it i've replaced the transmission as well. For a while now it's been smelling really bad like gasoline inside the car and outside the car. I have checked for leaks very carefully and there are deffinatly none. I get not so great gas mileage and lately it has been idleing near 3000 when it is in park and then when I put it in drive it acts like it just wants to take off. I put it through a test today and it got up to 30mph without me even putting my foot on the gas. I have no clue what is wrong with it. The transmission is only 1 1/2 years old and I do not drive it hard. Ive never had so many problems with a car in my life! Please help me!
Thank you,
August 28, 2009.

IT sounds like there is too much fuel being commanded into the engine. My guess is that if you pulled out the dipstick indicator for the engine oil that the oil will be thin and smelling like raw fuel, possibly the level may be higher as well. Excess fuel can make its way into the engine oil crankcase. Not good. IF so get the oil changed and the problem solved to cause this condition.

I would start by checking the computer for codes that may reveal a direction to go in. Possbly the fuel pressure regulator is allowing too much or the is a vacuum leak that is causing the idle to shoot high.
If you get the codes, post them.

Sometimes a vacuum leak can be uncovered by hearing a hissing or whistling sound in the engine compartment while the motor is running. IT can also be flushed out by spraying carb cleaner at suspected areas and seeing of the cleaner get sucked into the engine and changes the idle when that spot gets hit.

You were right I went right out and smelled my oil. Although it was low it still smelled like gas. I have my husband out right now buying some carb cleaner to see if we can find the loose hose I can deffinatly hear the leak though. Thank you very much that is somthing I can fix myself so I don't have to take it to the garage and pay $50 just for them to tell me what's wrong with it. I will most deffinatly use this service again it really helped.

Aug 29, 2009.
You may have an intake manifold gasket leak where the manifold bolts to the head. The gaskets are made of plastic and coated with gasket paper. What happens is that the plastic gasket cracks around the center ports. Other ways besides listening for idle change is to hook up a scan tool and watch your upstream O2 sensor respond as you spray under the manifold with carb spray. Or you can listen by sliding a hose under the manifold and holding it to your ear. OR you can use a smoke machine. If the condition is really bad, you'll get an O2 sensor code indicating either a lean condition or the O2 not switching due to insufficient fuel delivery.