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I just replaced my front brake pad about 3 weeks ago. When my brake pads were replaced, they seemed fine and sharp and you don't not apply the brake pedal very deep to stop the car.

But after about 3 weeks, I would have to apply my brake pedal very deep to stop my car and the brakes doesn't seem as sharp as when they were just replaced.

I check the brake fluid, it is still near full. What seem to be the problem? And how to fix it?
November 8, 2006.

Sometimes when you put on the brake pads the fluid is backed up in to the resevoir as a result of compressing the caliper. This pushes the fluid back in to the master cylinder or resevoir. So. Look at the fluid to see if it is overfilled. Secondly, I would crack the bleeders on the system to see if there is any air in the system. Next, if that doesn't take care of things I would examine the master cylinder. It could be weak.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 8, 2006.