1993 Honda Other

My head gasket blew. I know this because of the white smoke and the condensation. There is 135000 miles on my car. Is it worth it to fix it and how much should it be? The autobody shop that quoted me $650 has the machine to level the heads. Also, It hink the coolant is leaking, should I drain it out until I decide what to do with it so it won't cause any other problems?
September 9, 2006.

I have a 94 honda accord that threw a rod at 200,000 miles and I take very good care of my car. So I would think about overall life of the car. Also the timing chain and water pump and other possible problems you might have in the near future. But as I did all of that I decided it would be worth spending 1,500 to fix my honda. Good luck

Oct 18, 2006.