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I dont know if I have a bent valve but if I do how do I replace it and what is the difficulty between 1-10? The rocker and spring are not clearing the head wall and rubbing up aginst it making a rattling noise when accellerated. Is it a bent Valve? It all started when I missed second and reved it to high. Thnx
April 27, 2006.

You are not getting much help on this one. Unless there is a freak occurance, you had to really be rapping the engine to have a problem. Now the engine is running yet? And I take it you are hearing the noise all the time the engine is running?

Bruce Hunt
May 3, 2006.
I took of the head turns out I had 7 bent intake valves. Replaced them all and put new valve seals as well. How important is it to have a valve adjustment after installing new valves and what caused me to do this kind of damage? THNX car should be running by tonight !

May 5, 2006.