2004 Honda Odyssey

2004 Honda Odyssey

This morning I tried to unlock the doors with the remote. The locks just went up and down. I could unlock the hatch with the key. I could unlock the passenger door with the key if when I turned the key I hurried up and pushed in the door knob. Once in the car (from the passenger door) I tried to unlock from the driver's door control. The locks did the same thing, up and down quickly. It was cold this morning with some snow. I have never had this problem before in the same kind of weather.
November 10, 2008.

Hi Buckeyes1982,

Seems the door lock power switch is failing, due to overtravel of the contact lever. A stopper inside is worn but there is no replacement part for this. You either replace the door lock actuator assy or modify the stopper.

Nov 23, 2008.