2000 Honda Odyssey

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Honda Odyssey 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 97000 miles

My Odyssey periodically has difficulty starting. The battery is fine, lights, dash lights, radio, etc. Come on fine. It seems to have something to do with the shift lever -- if you jiggle it and get it in the right position the van will start fine. Sometimes this takes a little jiggling, sometimes a few minutes. Then it will go for days with no problem.

The dealer said it's a starter problem but if so I dont see why messing with the shift lever will fix the problem.

Adrian W
May 12, 2008.

Do you mean to say it won't crank?

If jiggling the gear shift does the job, then either the gear inhibitor switch is faulty or out of adjustment.

Check and see if the gear shift indicator lights in the meter cluster is indicating when the engine can't crank. If the light is indicating, then the starter relay (not starter solenoid) might be faulty.

May 26, 2008.