2003 Honda Element

Electrical problem
2003 Honda Element 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 116, 00 miles

My Element starts up every morning. If car sits for more than 24 hours it acts as if it has a very weak battery and barley turns over. After a couple of tries the car starts up and no more issues until it sits for more than 24 hours again.
Replaced battery with a new one but same results.
Brought car to honda dealer, they checked the sysytem and gave me back a printout showing everything is okay from battery--alternator to starter.

I also checked for anything that might be draining battery like a light left on but can't find anything that is being left on.
Can anyone tell me what may be the cause?

September 26, 2010.

Could be bad connections, starter motor slipping or it has an excesive parastic draw

Sep 26, 2010.
I am having a similar problem. Except I replaced my battery about 8 months ago with a cheap Walmart battery). Sometimes it turns over, other times it does not. Usually when it is warmed up is when it doesn't turn over and I have to let it sit. It is getting worse. Battery, alternator, starter all tested ok at AutoZone

Feb 8, 2012.