2003 Honda Element

Engine Performance problem
2003 Honda Element 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 141000 miles

I just replaced the starter on my 2003 Honda Element (had to pull the intake manifold and associated hoses and wiring). After reassembling, the check engine light is on and the engine does not idle proplerly. After the intiial warmup (which seems to work smoothly), the engine idle speed fluctuates constantly up and down. I cannot find any hoses or wires I failed to reconnect although I'm sure the problem is a result of something I did in the reassembly. Any ideas?
December 21, 2008.

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It sounds like you may have knocked a vacuum hose loose. This will cause poor idle. Check the hoses that you didn't even have to disconnect, just to ensure all are connected properly. Post your results and I will follow up.

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Dec 21, 2008.
Looked for any loose hoses - couldn't find anything.

Dec 21, 2008.
Okay. You say the engine light is on, so to make diagnosing the issue easier, you should have the codes pulled. You can do this for free at most auto part stores such as AutoZone or you can buy a diagnostic scanner and pull the codes yourself, so you can use it in the future if needed as well. Post the codes and I will follow up.

Dec 21, 2008.
I have codes p1129 and p2279
the car was sitting for 2 months
i am stuck what to do.

DTC P1129 : MAP (manifold absolute pressure) Sensor Circuit Higher Than Expected

DTC P2279 : Intake Air System Leak Detected

I would suspect a vacuum leak around the throttle body causing these two trouble codes. Have you checked that area out very well?