1993 Honda Del Sol

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Honda Del Sol 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 147888 miles

Once my car reaches 3,000 RPM's it bogs out like a governor kicking in; never going past 3,000. The check engine code show's Crank Shaft Positioning Sensor. Two things done: installed a MSD ignition box, and replaced the distributor. The MSD box needed replaced since the old one shorted out and I replaced the distributor with an OEM, after reading a forum that this problem lies within. I've searched for the position of this sensor with little luck. I'd like to know where to start. Thank you
September 25, 2010.

Hi cartell730,

The crank sensor is located inside the distributor and you can perform test to determine if the distribitor is bad.

It is terminals " B " and " F " in the diagram and coil restance test should be between 350 - 700 ohms.

If resistance is good, test for continuity between the wireharness and PCM connectors, terminal B15 and B16.

Sep 25, 2010.