1988 Honda CRX

I have a 1988 honda crx it has 230,000 miles with a d 16a6 engine 4 cilinders. When the car is cold it turn on and it runs, after about 10 minutes the car turn off and it doesn't turn on again. It turn on after about 20-30 minutes. I have checked the fuel filter and the fuel injection but I can't find the problem. Alot of white smoke comes out from the exhast. Before it turn off when you give it some gas the rpm doesn't go up fast. Then after 1 minute it turns off. Please help me find the problem.
July 31, 2007.

Leonardo, my 88si did the same thing and it was the map sensor, 300.00 for new but I found one at the junk yard for 50.00 and it worked, you might check that.


Aug 9, 2007.