Honda Civic

Honda, Civic, 1995, 175,000 miles. It seems like my brakes get a bit " mushy" (they engage closer to the floor of the car) when it's hot outside and I've been driving for awhile. It has to be pretty hot, but living in So. California, that can be frequently. Does this seem possible? What is (likely to be) wrong? I'll definitely take it in, but I'd love to be armed with a little more information when I take it to my mechanic.
February 17, 2007.

There is a moderator named 2carprohjack that lives in your neck of the woods, he might have some insight.

But I would question the qualty of the fluid for starters.

Mushy brakes sounds to me like a master cylinder. The heat can mess with the seals.

Bruce Hunt
Feb 19, 2007.