Honda Civic

I have a 2000 Honda Civic si, 150,000 miles. Recently my check engine light came on after my cold air intake sucked up some water. The check engine light starting flashing this afternoon. My car was shaking during each gear and I had no power (hesitation/sluggish). If I put the car in neutral and pushed the gas, I had no problems. It seems like the entire engine is shaking at low rpms. What is going on and is this something very serious? Thanks for your time in advance.
March 8, 2007.

Go to auto zone and get me the code ---> the diagnostic trouble code. Msg me whenu get those codes!

Kin chan
Mar 8, 2007.
I recieved my codes. It was two pages worth of codes. I had a p0131, p0171, p0301, p0302, p0303, p0304, p0300, p1399, and p0170. I took my car to a mechanic and my spark plugs did not exsist. That was the case for all 4 cylinder misfires. I got a complete tune-up and that fixed that problem. My check engine light is still on and I think its a p0131. I haven't had a chance to take it back to Autozone yet. Anything to lose sleep over?

Mar 12, 2007.
Have the code pulled. If it is the bottom or lower O2 sensor, you don't need to drop everything and rush in to replace it. I would replace it as soon as I could. A bosch replacement sensor is a simple replacement job and it is reasonable in cost while easy to do yourself.

Bruce Hunt
Mar 13, 2007.