Honda Civic

Recently my 2002 Honda Civic's 'check engine' light came on. I got it checked at the repair shop and they replaced an oxygen sensor to take care of it. But even after that light came back on. I again got it checked and they said there is nothing wrong with the engine now but it is pulling back the history code again. It is doing so even after they cleared the history code. Now they are suggesting that its computer might need to be reprogrammed.
Please let me know how to tackle this problem.
August 31, 2006.

Hi, I have the same problem. My check light have been on for ah while. My mechanic said its my water pump, so im going to have it changed, ill tell you if that worked for me. : Wink:

Sep 6, 2006.
First of all, a check engine light could represent many problems. Your problems are not similar. Computers fail and need attention. Is this a Honda dealer that is working on the car? O2 sensors don't fail all that often. Those codes could return because of yet another problem. Remember, the codes don't point to the exact problem. There sometimes more than one way to fix the exact same code. There is still a need to have a mechanic that does more than pull out a part and stick in another. You could get a second opinion. If you are looking for that second opinion to come from these volunteers, remember that we really don't have a lot to go on here and we don't get to feel or see the vehicle!

Bruce Hunt
Sep 6, 2006.
My lite is on due to faulty VTEC oil pressure switch, which is easy to replace on my model. Shop says replace the solenoid n VTEC system at the same time, easy work but hard part to find. Have any good OEM parts stores I might search?

Nov 11, 2006.