Honda Civic

I have a 2000 Honda Civic vp with 101000 miles. September, 2005 I had the front brakes replace at a Dealer. Since then I have had noise coming from the front brakes similar to the sound of a rotor out of round. This noise does not occur all the time. When it happens it is at low speed while applying the brakes. The dealer has replaced the pads and essentially done another complete brake job. The noise is still there. They have told me it is a rust build up on the rotor and there is nothing they can do. Please help
October 17, 2006.

If they have replaced the rotors and pads that is about all there is to do. If they just replace the pads that is wrong. The rotors could be warped and thus cause the pads to rub hard then light and hard again. This will make a SH. SH. SH sound. Also, consider that sound is sometimes difficult to located and ensure that the rear brakes are not on their last leg as well.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 17, 2006.