1997 Honda Civic

Engine Performance problem
1997 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 151000 miles

i was going 70 on the interstate in 5th gear and then the ses light flashed, engine felt strained, ses light went solid, then at idle you could feel the car chugging and there was like a burning smell. But couldnt tell if if it was me or other vehicles. A friend of mine seems to think it may be the converter and it makes sense. But there wasnt any rotten egg smell. Had to drive 40 miles to get home and only cut off once when I had to stop in traffic. I dont know where the data link is to hook up a scanner to get the trouble code/s. I am not against getting a scanner since this is the first time the car has had a real performance problem since I bought the car 4 years ago. Am I in the right neighborhood with it being the cat?

thank you!
February 10, 2009.

There could numerous faults causing this? Your best option is to have the vehicles PCM read for codes before replacing the CAT when the fault could lie elsewhere !

Dave H
Feb 10, 2009.
The data link connector is under the driver side dash. Behind the fusebox, to the right of the hood release. You will have to look underneath the dash to see it.

If you do not have a scanner, another way to check for codes is to remove the passenger side kick panel you will see a connector in the picture below. Jump a piece of wire or a cotter pin across the two terminals with the key in RUNII, the engine light will then flash a code at you.

Feb 11, 2009.
Well, the mystery is solved.I lost #2 cylinder. The exhaust valve was broken and the exhaust manifold is cracked all the way across almost. So. They said this will cost about $1600. Yaay.

Feb 11, 2009.