1993 Honda Civic

Engine Performance problem
1993 Honda Civic 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

This just started two days ago, when I try to start the car it just cranks a few times then nothing. Then I try again and it tries to start then nothing. This happens a few times then finally it starts but it idles really low and shakes alot for a few seconds then finally the idle builds up and runs fine. It does this every time I let the car sit for a few hours then try to start it. I have checked the codes and it says a code 6 which is the temp sensor but my gauge is working. Are there other sensors and can they be causing this problem?
January 5, 2009.

Hi dringnell,

The temperature gauge is working because the sending unit is working but the Engine Coolant Temperature ( ECT ) sensor is a separate item.

Jan 11, 2009.