1999 Honda Accord

I've got a 99 Accord EX with 200km / 120k Miles. During my warrantee period I began to complain about burning oil to Honda but the dealer kept assuring me that 1quart per 1,000km / 600 Miles was within limits (confirm?). They said they performed compression tests and all were within limits.

After the first year owning the car, I had a cylinder misfire problem (running very rough) and Honda replaced all the fuel injectors.

Last week, the engine light came on and started flashing and the car ran rough again but I'm well out of warrantee. It was PT0302 Cylinder #2 misfire. I followed the service manual to diagnose.

- Distributor is good
- Spark plug wires are good
- Cylinder 2 spark plug was fouled (black)
- Swapped Fuel injectors (problem remains in cyl #2)

I put new spark plugs in, ran the car for a bit and checked cyl #2 plug. It was soaked with oil.

My guess from reading the posts is that it's either Valve Guide seals or Piston rings. How can I confirm? Compression tests? Does a " wet" test mean to squirt oil into the clyinder via the open spark plug hole? Thanks in advance for you help.
December 3, 2006.

New addition.

I just went out to get a compression tool and I warmed up the car and now just noticed oil spitting out of the exhaust pipe! There is a pool of oil after about 3-4 mins of idling.

Dec 3, 2006.
Did the compression tests. No need to do wet tests. Results dry results were

Cylinder #1 @ 200 PSI
Cylinder #2 @ 20 PSI
Cylinder #3 @ 200 PSI
Cylinder #4 @ 195 PSI

Cylinder #2 looks like it's pretty much dead. Not sure a repair is a viable option. Maybe a used engine swap that has healthy compression?

Dec 3, 2006.
You know after all the work you have done and I would say that you have done a fair amount of work, you have done well. Why don't you consider rebuilding the engine and doing it yourself? If you can come up with the tools to do so, the only big item is to get a cherry picker to help lift the engine out. You take the head to a shop and they go through it for you, you take the block to the shop and they rough up the cylinder walls for you and you buy an overhaul kit. Back together you go. You can put in a new clutch if it is a manual. I would put on a new timing belt, a new water pump and oil pump. Price is way less than any motor you can find. Think about it but you are not going to have much luck with that motor until it is overhauled or replaced. Good luck and we can help with questions but you must have a manual.

Bruce Hunt
Dec 3, 2006.
Hey Bruce,

Thanks for the response and kudos! I definitely appreciate the confidence, though I think a full rebuild on my daily driver with my wife pressuring me to get it fixed ASAP is more than I can handle.

If it was my " fun" car, I'd definitely have a go at it. At this point, I'm just going to look for a used engine swap to get me up and running again. Thanks again!

Dec 5, 2006.