Honda Accord

I drive an 86 Accord with over 100,000 miles on it.

Yesterday I was driving on the highway and noticed that my car was getting extremely hot. It had problems overheating before, but usually only when idling, so this was really unusual.

I pulled over, and when I slowed down the car just absolutely died. It wouldn't start again at all, and white smoke was coming out of the engine area. I checked the oil and it seemed to be fine, but all of my water was gone.

I'm a young girl -- I know [i: 3f11d68058]nothing[/i: 3f11d68058] about cars. I'm really afraid of being swindled by mechanics, so I was hoping to get a good idea of what might be wrong before I took it in. Does anyone have any ideas?

: cry:
March 7, 2006.

Your head gasket its gone.

You will need a head gasket, resurface and valves job.

With no water the aluminum head expands and sometimes twist, burning the gasket.

Mar 7, 2006.
You're sure huh?

An empty coolant resevoir must mean blown head gaskets, twisted aluminum and a valve job?

Or was it the white smoke and trouble starting it again right away? -Two things that will happen with any severely overheating engine regardless of the cause.

Just curious. : Roll:

Mar 8, 2006.
Not at 100% but have it check. Probably its something minor. (I hope)

good luck!

Mar 8, 2006.
This is probably the head gasket and depending on the circumstances you could have additional problems.

Another possibility as well is the intake gasket if the coolant flows through it. 96 accords have coolant coming in to the intake manifold.

I ask if this is a fuel injected vehicle and it might be worth considering that if the head is bad, etc. I would consider getting a newer honda.

Bruce Hunt
Mar 9, 2006.
Definately the head gasket same thing happened to my car

Heather rollins
Apr 27, 2011.
Just pour full water then check is there any leakage if no open the radiator cap and notice any bubble are coming out if yes change head gasket.

Apr 21, 2012.
Never open the rad cap with the engine hot. Refer to our home page under the diy section. Check for engine compression.