1998 Honda Accord

When I get to about 45 mph and up my car starts to shake while I'm accelerating. If I let off the gas the car runs smooth. Is this a motor mount problem and if so, what type of costs can I expect to fix it?
December 16, 2006.

Visually look at the mounts. Does it continue to shake from 45 on up? Test the mounts by putting the vehicle in gear while holding the brake. Use first and reverse while watching the engine rotate or rise as the power is given to the engine. Someone watching the mounts should see excessive movement if the mounts are bad. There is a likelihood that the mounts could be bad there might be other things to look at as well. Wheel balance is another thing to look at.

Bruce Hunt
Dec 16, 2006.
Another good possibility is a failing CV axle joint, they tend to only exhibit vibration under load (accel/decel) while at speed.

This usually happens when the boot rips puking out all the grease. Visually inspect the big rubber boots at the wheel ends of your axles for tears/leaking grease.

Dec 17, 2006.
Thanks, it was the mounts. All four are bad.

Dec 18, 2006.