2005 Honda Accord

Computer problem
2005 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 40600 miles

I started getting the malfunction light on in my Honda 2005 Accord and I took it to my friend's mechanic shop to get the diagnosis code and we found that it is P0139. - Secondary Heated Oxygen Sensor (Secondary HO2S) Slow Response. I am planning to take it to the dealer. I am surprised that it this came up on my car which has only 40000 miles on it. What could be the culprit? Do I have to replace the O2 sensor?
Also, is it advisable to take an extended warranty? I guess I may not be able to obtain it from Honda Care as the car is past 36000 miles warranty.
January 30, 2009.

Hi tsramkumar,

It could be caused by loose wire connections or a failed sensor. Diagnostics would have to be carried out to confirm the cause. Electrical components are unpredictable and there are no specific reasons why they would fail.

Personally I do not not have any comments on extended warranty and it is up to you. You can check with the dealer about it.

Feb 7, 2009.