2003 Honda Accord

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Honda Accord 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Of late my car air conditioning while idling has being so terrible however whenever I am on motion with appreciable speed, the car chills quite well.
What could be responsible?

I also noticed that the car's RPM at idle state is almost zero rpm.
Could this in anyway be related to the air conditioning problem?
Secondly what should be the recommended RPM when idling and the implication of 0 RPM?
November 12, 2009.

Hi M555x,

When the idling speed is below 600 rpm, the compressor clutch would cut out resulting in it not working and no cooling.

The first line for the rpm is 500 and engines would not idle at zero rpm.

The most common cause of low idling speed are dirty ( partially clogged ) idle air passages. Get the throttle body and IAC cleaned and readjust the idling speed and problem should be solved.

Nov 14, 2009.