2001 Honda Accord

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2001 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 80000 miles

I've had a strange vibration in my 2001 Accord for a while now. It only happens while the engine is under load; i.E. Accelerating or going up a hill. It's coming from the right front wheel.

At first when it started happening, the vibration would start at about 30 mph. However, now (~6 months later) it vibrates at ~50-60 mph.

I don't think it's the CV joints, because I don't notice any unusual clicking around turns or anything like that. Also, I checked the wheel bearings and they're fine. Finally, my tires are worn, but it appears to be normal, even wear, so I'm doubtful it's a strut. My leading theory is that it's a bad bushing. Do you agree? If so, which one(s) should I look at first? Thanks.
June 7, 2009.

Bushing? Honda with 80,000.I tend to doubt that, but anything is possible.

Vibration at 50-65 is usually tire/wheel related. IF the tires are worn, get new ones. Need em anyway.

Eliminates balance and abnormal wear although it is probably a problem in the drivetrain. I have heard of differential going bad and causing a vibration.

Having said that, if it is under load, I would be more skeptical of the axle. CLicking is not the only possible symptom of a bad axle. I would focus on the axle as the source. I would recommend a new axle versus a reman because of problems with the honda reman axles.

May have to run it on a dyno to diagnose this better.

Okay, thank you sir. I'll try getting some new tires and an alignment first, and if that doesn't help I'll try swapping out the drive axle. Thanks for the quick reply!

Jun 8, 2009.
I wasn't clear and apologize. The tires are not going to solve the vibration. Unless there is more than one source. Since it happens under load, that eliminates the tires. But if they are worn, then replace them was what I meant. Bad Alignment will not cause a vibration.

An update on this one, in case anyone else is having similar problems: It was in fact the inner CV joint. The guy at the shop said this is a common problem for Accords. When the inner joint goes bad, one of the components inside it gets pushed off-axis while the axle is under load (accelerating, etc.), Causing the vibration. When you let off the gas the part re-seats itself, and the vibration goes away.

Thanks for the answers here; got my pointed in the right direction!

Jun 27, 2009.