1999 Honda Accord

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1999 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 103k miles


I'm planning to get the Timing Belt and Water Pump replaced on my 1999 Accord, 4cyl/4Dr, EX. It has 103k miles on it.

I will probably buy Genuine Honda parts online and get them replaced by a local mechanic. Just to save a few hundred dollars : ).

My question is. What parts should/need to be replaced along with Timing belt and Water pump? For ex, any other belts, seals, tensioner etc?

Can you please provide a recommended list?

January 5, 2009.

Hi indy49,

List of things I would recommend.
1. Timing belt and tensioner bearing.
2. Balancer belt and tensioner bearing.
3. Water pump.
4. Camshaft oil seal
5. Front Balancer shaft oil seal
6. Crankshaft oil seal
7. Rear Balancer oil seal and O ring.
8. Alternator/AC belt
9. Power steering belt
10. Valve cover gasket, bushes and plug seals.

Jan 10, 2009.