1999 Honda Accord

Engine Cooling problem
1999 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 217000 miles

Where is the engine thermostat located.
May 17, 2009.

Hi Larryyon,

Thermostat is located in housing at left of engine. It is connected by the lower radiator hose.

May 24, 2009.
Is it easy to replace the themostat? 1999 Honda Accord

Larry Yon

May 26, 2009.
Hi Larry,

Yes, replacement is rather easy but after replacement, you must bleed the system of air locks.

Disconnect battery negative terminal.
Drain coolant from radiator by releasing the drain plug below the radiator.
Use plier to pull the lower radiator hose clamp on thermostat housing away from locked position.
Twist the hose gently and when it becomes loose, pull it out of housing.
Remove the bolt holding the ground wires. When installing, ensure this ground is secured well, failing which you would not be able to start vehicle.
Remove 2 bolts holding the thermostat housing.
Tap the housing gently and it will come off easily.
Remove the thermostat.

When installing, note the seating position of the gasket and thermostat.

After installation, loosen bleeder nut 2 - 3 turns on thermostat housing.
Turn on heater and set to maximum heat.
Fill coolant at radiator filler neck till no bubbles come out of the bleeder nut.
Tighten bleeder nut.
Fill coolant till radiator is full.
Start engine and when filler neck coolant level drops, top up with coolant.
Continue doing so till the level does not drop.

Once coolant level stabilises, and engine has heated up, close radiator cap.

Run engine and remember to check reservoir coolant level.

Wait for engine to cool down befor erechecking coolant level.
Top up if necessary.

May 26, 2009.