1998 Honda Accord

I drive a 1998 Honda Accord V6 4Dr 3.0 - 95000 miles.
When I start the car, I hear a high pitched whining noise, which continues for as long as the car is idling. When the car revs or is moving at high speeds, the sound is absent, at least to my hearing. The noise spikes to its highest pitch/volume on startup, and settles to a slow steady whine while idling.
It appears to increase slightly in pitch/volume as more load is put on the engine (such as using the A/C).
It appeared to be coming from my Serpentine Belt driving the A/C and alternator, so I replaced this, but I am still hearing it. Any ideas on what this might be?

*Edit* This noise is much easier to hear from inside the cabin of the car than when standing in front with the hood open
June 27, 2007.

My thoughts on the whine. Red or white?

Look, it is possible that a belt is too tight. It is also possible that a bearing is going out on a belt driven system. It could also be more internal like timing belt related too.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 27, 2007.
It sounds like its coming from the pulley/timing belt. However, the belt has no teeth (by design, not by error) doesnt looked cracked, and doesnt seem loose. Very frustrating, and almost certainly beyond my ability to diagnose and treat on my own at this point. I might bring it to the dealer for an " oil change" (free inspection) tonight, and if they pinpoint the cause, bring it to a real mechanic for repairs tomorrow.
Thank you for your help.

Jun 27, 2007.
There is a self tensioner in the timing belt assembly and it could be the culprit causing the problem.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 28, 2007.