1997 Honda Accord

Engine Cooling problem
1997 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles

I am looking for some kind advise on my issue with my car. I have had it off the road for a about 3years now and recenlty took it back on the road. It starts up extremly well and showz no issues. But I had it services where all oils and coolants were changes due to the length of time it was off road. Now I have the issue of the car over heating. It heats up nearly 80% on the gauge. I have kept it away and didnt push it too much. But since a few runs it has calm down a bit but still heats when revved for a while. It realeases water when accellerated from the back and looks a bit steamy when running. Have checked the radiator has no oil and oil and cap showing no signs of water either. Could you please advise based on my explanation as to what the problem can be.
April 4, 2009.

Is your coolant level going down? If so, do a coolant pressure test. This will check for coolant leaks.

If not, while it is overheating, feel both radiator hoses, both should be around the same temperature, if one is a lot hotter than the other you have a thermostat issue.

Also, does the cooling fan come on?

Apr 4, 2009.
Thanks for your quick reply.
There is no loss of coolant but it did have issue of the thermo stat which I replaced. But still the problem is there but now both hoses are same temp. Plus fan does come on to try and cool it,

thank you

Apr 5, 2009.
Did you replace it?

How did you bleed the coolant? And does the coolant level lower at all?

Apr 5, 2009.
I have replaced it and blead it by leaving cap on while on start plus had heater system on aswell whilst that. Also checked the valve for air by the thermo.

Apr 6, 2009.