1989 Honda Accord

Brakes problem
1989 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 188000 miles

I found my car was not eary to brake last Thurday if I push the pedal to the end. But if I push gentle to the middle, car will slow down and then stop. At first I though the brake pad get worn out, and sent the car to garage next morning. After checked the car, they said the brake hose and line had problem and changed the both front brake hose and one brake line, and bleeder too. They charged me 351 dollars including tax.
However, when I drove the car home I found that somewhere leaking oil when I parked the car, and during driving, the car still was not easy to brake! After I lift the hood, asking my wife brake the car, I found that where they plug the brake line there is brake oil shooting out. Incredible job.
I don't know what to do because if I failed to brake the car I might involved in an accident.
Please give me some suggestions about dealing with this garage.
Qigao Fu
Qigao Fu
June 28, 2008.

Hi Qigao Fu,

Call the shop and ask them to send their men over to get the problem solved or get them to tow it back.

It is a safety issue and they are responsible for the shoddy work.

Jun 28, 2008.
I asked a question about my Honda Accord 1989 brake system problem and nicely had your answer that ask the shop come to my place fix the problem or tow my car to the garage because they did a terrible job.
This is what really happened.
The next Monday morning my wife called the shop telling them the terrible job they did. They asked my wife driving to the shop. And my wife did so! Because I was working a few hundreds meters away and couldnot stop my wife, I picked up the phone calling the shop asking why they asked my wife drove the car to the shop. If I was angry with their terrible job then when I called them I was pretty mad and yelling to the receptionist on the phone. I told him that if there was an accident involved during my wife's trip to the shop, the shop should be responsible for it. But he said that not him but my wife was responsible for it.
Luckily my wife drove with caution and reached the shop safely. The receptionist told my wife he was not happy because I was yelling at him, and that they were pretty busy and told my wife that when they had time they would look at the problem. Then my employer ( certainly a locally people) with me drove to the garage and he gave the receptionist a good talk and the receptionist agreed to fix it as soon as possible. After my employer left, the receptionist threatened me that if his men checked the car and it's not their fault he would push the car on the street.
And even a layman like me know that it's their fault and that was what his mechanic found and told me. With only less than 10 Km driving the brake oil was already half disappeared!
After that the receptionist didn't charge me for this fix but didn't give me an applogy for their terrible job because I was yelling at hime through the phone.
My employer told me that I could complain to the Better Business Bureau but my colleague said I should sue them to the court. It could be a crime if an accident involved. But I am very upset about the receptionist asking my wife driving to the shop without a good brake and his attittude toward the safety on the road while he runs a garage! Sooner or later they will cause one of their clients an accident.
What is your opinion about this story and what is your suggestion I should do with this garage?
Thank you very much!
Qigao Fu

Qigao Fu
Jul 4, 2008.
Hi Qigao Fu,

To bad you had to experience such a problem. The shop is not an honest establishment, do not go near them for any other repairs.

Your wife should not have driven the car, it was not road worthy and an accident could have happened.

You should report to the authorities so that action can be taken against them and make them close shop if they continue to do business without ethics.

No point demanding any apology from them, they would not and don't deserve any second chance.

Jul 5, 2008.