1998 Holden Vectra

Electrical problem
1998 Holden Vectra 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 245000 miles

i had checked with scaner code come up incorrect cam signl code 340 I had checked timing replaced cam sensor wiring replace sensor with new one engine waring lamp still on fault code still say incorrect cam shaft signal
Gary dhillon
July 24, 2010.

Hi there,

I have had this problem with a Vectra I have had at my work shop, still totally unresolved even after they spent a small fortune at the local Holden dealer, dealer and myself have both checked valve timing, sensor, loom, ECU. I am at this stage looking at a possible voltage feed back problem, but we are not totally convinced that this is the problem, I have known of others that have disposed of the car after not being able to resolve this same issue, I do think that this is just one of those problems that the dealers don't want to know about. I do know of one that was resolved with repairing a problem with the plug on the loom for the sensor, and ensure that the valve timing is correct as well.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jul 24, 2010.