2004 GMC Sierra

Electrical problem
2004 GMC Sierra V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 68000 miles

My father has a 2004 GMC Sierra V8 with which he is having a problem with the windshield wipers not shutting off after turning them on. The washer pump works and it seems to shut off just fine when using the " intermittent" function, however when he turns them to " ON", they will not shut off until after he turns off the truck completely and lets it sit for a period of time.

I know that the older Ford's have a wiper control module that is located underneath the dashboard area, and this box with one plug provided the logic and control for the windshield wiper system.

Does the GMC have something similar to this? If so, where is it located exactly and where can one be purchased?

Or, do you suspect a problem with the windshield wiper switch, which would require pulling of the steering wheel to remove and replace?

I'm trying to help my dad save a few bucks if it's something simple that I/he could do ourselves. If it's a more elaborate repair, then our ASE Certified mechanic will have to handle it.

Any advice or input on this problem is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

January 24, 2010.

Some customers may comment that their windshield wipers stay on, even when they are turned off. Root cause appears to be a material inside the relay causing the relay to stick after it was turned off. Production fix was implemented in May, 2004. Service fix is to replace just the wiper motor cover kit (P/N 88958372) rather than the entire wiper assembly (arm, motor, links).

Brian 1
Jan 24, 2010.
SOLUTION: Replaced the wiper motor cover kit as instructed and that took care of the problem.


Feb 15, 2010.