1999 GMC Safari

1999 GMC Safari All Wheel Drive Automatic 120 miles

Have there been problems with 1999 Safari not starting because of security system problems related to the remote? I have had this happen and had it towed in only to have it start for the mechanics. But now it has happened again and I have been told it is related to the security and remote. Anything I can do on my own to solve the problem>?
June 4, 2010.

When it doesn't start does the remote work like the unlocking of it?You said possible it was a remote problem so I was thinking maybe it wasn't unlocking with remote to disable the security?When it doesn't start does it crank no start or no crank no start?Also when it doesn't start is the security light flashing or on. Let me know.

Jun 4, 2010.
I have a 99 as well had same prb, it was the battery cables I spent so much $ at mechanics they couldn't find the prb. It was like taking a sick child to the dr's they make a liar out of you! Hope you car figure out issues.

Oct 26, 2010.