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I have 1994 Chev Cavalier 2.2L : cry: and I have replace a number of starters in it over the last 3 years the last one I replaced is a champion rebuild from canadian tire the others were ones from a scrap yard. My question to way I am going through them so quick the rebuilt one is still in but it is making a bad grinding noise when starting when I changed it, it had two shims are there to be two. Thanks
January 20, 2006.

You will need to shim each starter. Not all starters end up being shimed the same. Easy way to do it is get a steel coat hanger straighten a pc, and you wont it to just fit between fly wheel teeth, and starter teeth. Also check batt connection and grounds. Oil leaks and heat will also kill a starter prematurally.

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Jan 20, 2006.