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2000 GMC Envoy, 159000 miles - I am trying to replace the HID headlight bulb on the upper part of the headlight assembly. I have the bulb, just can't get the original bulb out of the ballast. How does this come out? :( :? :roll

OK - I suppose I should clarify - this is not an original part. Come to find out - this is a Philips Xenon D2S ignitor. I managed to destroy the bulb trying to get it out. A GMC dealer won't touch it...Anyone with any ideas?

Any help is appreciated - getting frustrated!! :x :!:
October 24, 2007.

I am having the same exact issue with my 1998 Envoy. What did you end up doing to resolve the problem?

Oct 21, 2008.
I am having the same issue. Can you just replace the bulb? If so how do you get the bulb out. I am able to get to the bulb using a tamper proof bit, but I can't figure out how to replace just the bulb. I would like to try the bulb from the other headlight that is working just to verify that the bulb is indeed bad. I got a quote of $619 for an iginater box and $586 for the ballast, in order to replace the bulb plus labor from a GMC dealer.

Dec 1, 2008.
I would just put in gmc jimmy head lights in or you can convert it to a 9006 light bulb. I see this is from 2008 but if you need help I know all about them also if you want to sell the headlights I'll buy them! Email me ****inson. David.5k@gmail. Com

Jan 22, 2011.
Hey Guys - surprised that this thread is still active! Anyway, I ended up biting the bullet on this one. $1800 ($900 each). The guy at the shop had pity on me and installed them for no charge. Total PITA. The headlights are now worth more than the entire car, I believe! Approaching 240K miles on this one though. It's a keeper. Good luck - if anyone has other options - please post!

Jan 22, 2011.
I'm sorry next time they go out I can fix them way cheaper.
If any one needs help I can set up a ebay exchange to fix them cheaper! I can convert them to a newer H.I.D. Set up or a lights bulbs 9006/9005.
I also can mail off a kit for 40.00 +shipping
you can save a lot of money updating them to a new H.I.D. Or a simple lights bulbs
there is 3 ways of making to a simple/cheaper it's all about what you want to do with it.
The GMC Envoy/gmc jimmy diamond edition headlights where never tested in the real world and all the customers are paying for it and they love selling you high price parts!
With my update you will NOT spend a lot of money
H.I.D.S parts 60. For a set
and if the HID light bulb goes out it will be 15bucks on eBay.
Its F-up the GM is doing this to people and not helping them out

Jan 22, 2011.
@david - Hey David - that's a great option, as far as the conversion kits - I shopped around for them when I was having this problem. The issue with the kits is that the mounting screws on the kits don't match the holes on the chassis that the "igniter" sits in, which is then hard-wired to the bulb. So, I think the suggestion about the Jimmy light & housing is probably right on. It would be nice if GM were a little more flexible on the price - but I suppose they need the $$ these days.

Jan 23, 2011.
Hello Daviddickinson,
I want to buy this kit to use lamps 9006 on headlight(HID) gmc envoy 1999.
How do I buy that your kit?

Let me know,
thanks, Andre

Feb 19, 2014.