Ford Windstar

2002 windstar lx. Just did all 4 corner's with new part's the rear drum's didn't need turned and either did the front rotor's. What I can't figure out is if the brakes were just replaced why am I getting the brake and abs light's coming. The rear shoes make a noise like something is caught in the drum but it's clear. Need to figure this out i'm not willing to give a brake shop money if it's a easy fix
January 22, 2006.

Was the light on before you did the brakes? If not then double back over your work if you have a noise coming from an area you worked on that needs to be identified. Did you adjust the rear brakes?
Most ABS need to be serviced by the dealer after you have double checked your work and cleared everything try disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery to see if light goes out.

Jan 22, 2006.
The ABS system is not easily serviced by a home mechanic. First, the noise is caused by the fact that you did not re-suface the drums and rotors when installing new pads and shoes. This is a must if you want maximum life from the brake job. Also minmum noise. The pads and shoes are not contacting the rotating surface evenly. The rear shoes are contacting a ridge that was worn in the drums from the previous shoes. As far as the ABS, the light is coming on because the BRAKE system light is on. Signifying a problem with the main system (see above) !

Jan 22, 2006.