1991 Ford Tempo

Transmission problem
1991 Ford Tempo 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 78,995 miles

I have a transmission in my car that was from another Tempo from a junk yard, the transmission was installed fine, and the car ran ok for a while, but like the first transmission it is starting to slip when trying to drive and shifts very hard from time to time, especially turning and accelorating. I don't believe there is anything wrong with the transmission itself, but something else? Also, at times when my car comes to a stop after drving but still on, the car will just die, then I put it in park and the car will start again just fine, this happens when I am IDLE sometimes as well. And finally I just need to find the right valve to charge my AC. What I thought was the high side really wasn't and I cannot find the correct valve to charge my AC. Anyone out there a TEMPO expert? Cause I need a lot of help! Thank you!
September 5, 2010.

Also, my car leaks oil as well.

Sep 5, 2010.
Hi ksmitchell1985, thanx for the donation, the a/c, will need to be retrofitted in order to be able to charge it up. Basically the fittings need to be changed, then the old refrigerant will need to be expelled, then the receiver drier " should" be changed. But I've done some without even doing the receiver drier, and it came out just fine, my own car was one of them. As far as the car cutting out while at a stop or turning the corner(basically) whenever you try to take your foot off the gas) thats your idle air control valve, or simply a dirty throttle plate(throttlebody). Check the tranny fluid to make sure, you have the correct amount, no more no less, slipping can be because there is too much or a dirty filter. And of course something more serious like the bands etc.

You do need to check tranny fluid while car is running and on level ground. IAC does determine idle speed and get dirty or go faulty. Check the electrical plug to it for corrosion also. Corrosion color is usually greenish. Check all your vacuum lines for leaks/cracks/breaks. Oil leak on these cars usually is from valve cover gasket. If not that then it can be oil pan gasket or oil sender ontop of oil filter mount. Worst case is main engine seals on either side of crankshaft ends. Have fun.

Sep 8, 2010.