2003 Ford Taurus

Engine Performance problem
2003 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

My 2003 Ford Taurus has 95,000 miles on it and it recently gave me some trouble. I pulled into a parking lot to get a haircut and when I came back I tried to start the car and it just would not start. After trying and trying I decided to rev the engine while starting and it finally started.I then tried to check if it would happen again and it didn't but then my engine light went on.I decided to ignore it for a few days but it didn't go away, however I haven't had a problem starting the car. But then went back to my haircutter and parked to the car and came back the same problem happened again. Do you think I need a new barber or is it my fuel pump? And would this be an expensive repair that would be worth doing?
April 21, 2008.

The check engine light should get checked out regardless of the no start. It may be related.

It may or may not be a fuel pump, mpore inclined to think not. First step is to get the codes from the computer and we can goo from there.

I assume the plugs and fuel filter have been changed by now.

Well the mechanic ran a diagnostic and said it was the fuel pump that was causing the problem. But the plugs have not been changed however. Thanks

Apr 21, 2008.
Well make sure the filter is done at the same time or it may void the pumps warranty. Not a typically fuel pump failure symptom, but it is what it is.

Plugs should be done also before they give you a problem.
Considering how many miles you put on the car, it is well worth doing. Maybe a couple months worth of car payments, if that.