2001 Ford Taurus

Engine Performance problem
2001 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 190000 miles

I have a vacuum hose that has come lose and I am having a hard time trying to locate where it is suppose to lead to. How can I find this out or get a diagram of this.

July 25, 2010.

Can you provide a description of where it comes from and where it is located on the car?

Jul 25, 2010.
I have the exact same hose broken on my 2000 Taurus. This is on the passenger side and looks like it runs through the firewall. It appears to have something to do with the heater, but I am not sure as I had several other lines that needed replaced as well.

Jan 15, 2011.
If its there then it feeds to a vacuum source and reservoir. It uses the line to supply vaccum to theclimate control head to control theblend and mode doors

Feb 5, 2011.
Turns out this is the vaccum line for the windsheild washer sprayers. From where it is shown in the picture it needs to run under the insulation on the bottom of the hood. The connection is hidden under insulation, so it will need pulled back.

Mar 17, 2011.